Lamination Progressive Stamping Die

Dongguan Kuroda-chaoyang precision mould Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing motor stator , motor rotor , wound stator and rotor , etc. which are widely used in AC/DC motor ,brushless motor ,SR motor ,PM motor ,universial motor . Our products have passed...

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Product Details

Lamination progressive stamping die

The machine adopts integral welding and integral processing structure. The main components of the machine are analyzed by advanced analysis software, which ensures the reliability of the machine and the precision of the machine. It can automate the production of parts with thinner and more complex shapes in large quantities. This progressive die can complete multiple processes, which is convenient and quick.

We have proficient engineers and operators, who engage in technical research and development. We use software PRO-E, CAD-CMA,CIMA-TRON,LK/DMS5.5 for design, production and testing to ensure our products are rated as world class quality. 

 Product details

product name

 Lamination progressive stamping die

product material

Silicon steel, cold coil

process method


mould steel

Carbide ,ASP-60, ASP-23, SKH-9,etc

mould type

progressive stamping die ,transfer die , single die etc


CNC machine , wire EDM machine ,laser machine ,conputer CNC machine , grinding machine etc

stamping capacity

0.1mm to 5mm , longth 3000mm ,width 2000mm 20t-220t

surface finish

electroplating, Powder coating, Conversion,
     Electrophoresis, etc.


Europe ,America,Japan,India ,southeast Asia ,Africa,

main customer

Midea, Casic, Canon, Tong-chang electric machinery, Chigo Air conditioning, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsui High-Tec.

after-sales service

guarantee replace , engineers are access for oversea,


OEM ,and other



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1.Before sales Service

24 hour online consult

Sample support

Detail technical with 2D and 3D drawing design
Personal design follow your request
Quick and Profession response on quotation and technial
2.Production period service
Technical 2D and 3D drawing submit to double check detail and discussion
Quality inspection report submit
Installation solution and maintence instruction
3.After sales service
Provide Maintenance Service

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