Car Start Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Car start motor lamination stamping die We can manufacture laminations in all grades of silicon steel including fully or semi processed steel in the form of Stators & Rotors, Field & Armatures in loose as well as Interlocked & Auto Riveting Cores, AC/DC motor stator and rotor,...

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Car start motor lamination stamping die 

Our stamping die allows raw materials to be superimposed at a predetermined height during stamping. The mold allows the manufacture of symmetrical iron chips such as armature and stator in the motor, overcoming the problem of uneven thickness on both sides of the coil, thus producing a more vertical core.

We  uses a variety of 2D and 3D cad/cam Software to develop, design, and plan the layout of our dies. This fully automatic mold is fast and durable, which can greatly improve production efficiency. It has a smooth surface, and it has anti-corrosion, acid resistance and high temperature resistance, and can adapt to various working environments.

Stator and rotor core profile 

Part thickness


Product Name

Stamping motor core stator , rotor,lamination sheets

Part material

Silicon steel


B35A300,B50A470,M530-65A,B50A600,B50A800 .M270-50A,M530-65A,M800-50A,50CS1300, 50CS800, 50CS600, 50CS470, 35CS550steel,copper,aluminum

Die type

Interlocked Progressive die ,Auto riveting progressive tool, stamping die,compound die, ect.


Single / Multi per request


loose sheets,or Auto interlocked Stacking

Die material

YG15,YG20,DC53, SKH-9, SKH51, SKD11,D2,

Die use

Water pump, Industrial motor, Fan motor, Generator, Compressor and Car...etc.

Machinery Equipment

Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine, Precision flat milling, Saw machine, Punching machine,

Die precision

High precision machining, minimum 0.003mm

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First trial sample

10-20 sets free

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