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Stamping Die Typical Structure
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The first sort

Process parts, which are directly involved in the completion of the process and have direct contact with the billet, including working parts, positioning parts, unloading and pressing parts;

Second class

Structural parts, such parts are not directly involved in the completion of the process, nor directly in contact with the blank, only to ensure the process of the mold to complete the process, or to improve the function of the mold, including guiding parts, fastening parts, standard parts And other parts, as shown in Table 1.1.3. It should be pointed out that not all of the dies must have the above six parts, especially the single-process dies, but the working parts and the necessary fixed parts are indispensable.

Manufacturing Technology

The modernization of mold manufacturing technology is the basis for the development of the mold industry. With the development of science and technology, advanced technologies such as computer technology, information technology, and automation technology are constantly infiltrating, intersecting, and integrating with traditional manufacturing technologies, transforming them, and forming advanced manufacturing technologies. The new stamping die tapping technology has led many stamping manufacturers to create a rush to buy down in order to reduce costs.