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Rotor Winding
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The rotor winding of the AC asynchronous motor is divided into two types: the squirrel cage type and the winding type. The squirrel-cage structure is relatively simple. It is usually made of alloy aluminum cast into the inner core groove of the rotor and short-circuited by the end rings. It is also embedded with copper strips to re-solder the copper end rings. In order to improve the starting performance, the squirrel cage type can be made into special types such as deep trough and double squirrel cage. The wound rotor winding is the same as the stator winding. In addition to the various windings described above, a wave winding can be used. The corrugated winding is a single-turn or a few-turned rod-shaped unit coil. After being embedded, two components are welded at the end to form a coil, and the whole winding is formed. The wiring principle is different from the above winding, but the shape and the double-stack winding similar. Waveform windings are commonly used in large AC motor rotor windings and armature windings of DC motors.

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