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Development Status Of Stamping Die
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Development status and technology trends

Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for molds in the market has continued to grow. The mold industry has been developing rapidly with a growth rate of around 15%. All the manufacturing points of the mold industry have undergone tremendous changes. In addition to the state-owned professional mold factory, collective, joint venture, sole proprietorship and private sector have also developed rapidly. The “hometown of molds” in Ningbo and Huangyan areas of Zhejiang Province; some large group companies in Guangdong and rapidly rising township enterprises, Kelon, Midea, Konka and other groups have established their own mold manufacturing centers; Sino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned mold companies are now There are already thousands of them. With the accelerating pace of international integration and increasing market competition, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of product quality, cost and ability to develop new products. Mold making is one of the most fundamental elements of the entire chain. Many mold companies have increased their investment in technological advancement and regarded technological progress as an important driving force for enterprise development. Some domestic mold companies have And 2D CAD, and have started to use international software such as Pro/E, PDX, UG NX, NX Progressive Die Design, I-DEAS, Euclid-IS, Logopress3, 3DQuickPress, MoldWorks and Topsolid Progress, and some manufacturers have also introduced CAE software such as Moldflow, C-Flow, DYNAFORM, Optris and MAGMASOFT have been successfully applied to the design of stamping dies.

The manufacturing technology of large-scale stamping dies represented by automobile cover moulds has made great progress. Diemakers such as Dongfeng Motor Company Mould Factory and FAW Mould Center have been able to produce some car cover moulds. In addition, many research institutes and universities have conducted research and development of mold technology. After years of hard work, significant progress has been made in mold CAD/CAE/CAM technology; contributions have been made in improving mold quality and shortening mold design and manufacturing cycles.