Tower Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Tower Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

stator rotor stamping dies mould life :from 30 million strokes to 300 millions strokes moudl speed: 150-1000 strokes/min mould material:d2,dc53.skh-9,asp23,asp60.carbide mould plate : d2 and dc53 mould function: auto skew , auto stacking , auto rotation

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Electrical Stampings & Stator Packs stamping dies supplier , kuroda-chaoyang group limited was estimiated in 1990, for 28 years development , we have become the biggest motor lamination stamping die company in guangdong province , we investment 10 million usd , and we have about 150 sets adanced equipment.We offer our clients a wide range of motor lamination stamping dies that are manufactured as per high quality standards. Our below mentioned products are highly appreciated for their precise design, close tolerance, operational efficiency and easy installation:

Motor Stamping dies

Cooler Pump Stamping dies

Four Pole Stamping With Router dies

Mixer Stamping With Router dies

One To Ten Stamping Motor With Router dies

Our mission is to get 100% client satisfaction in means of product quality, timeliness and after sales support.

We envisage our company to be a reliable and dependable supplier, continuously meeting the motor spare requirements of customers

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