Monoblock Pump Lamination Stamping Die

Monoblock pump lamination stamping die We “kuroda-chaoyang motor die co.,ltd ” have gained success in the market by manufacturing a remarkable gamut of Motor Stamping die, Monoblock Pump Stamping die and Fan Stamping die. We are a well-known and reliable company that is incorporated in 1990 and...

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Product Details

Monoblock pump lamination stamping die

Our stamping dies can be used to complete multiple stamping processes at different stations. It has high production efficiency, high precision, less waste, and stable and reliable quality. 

The man-machine interface of the numerical control system is simple to operate. It adopts the keyboard input LED to display the function keys of the keyboard with number keys, setting, modification, execution, etc., which can be used to complete the input, modification and control operation and adjustment of the machining program. The automatic lamination progressive die we produce has a service life of more than 150 million punches. The technical level and lamination technology are close to the advanced level of similar foreign molds.


Product Details:

Product NameMonoblock pump lamination stamping die

45#, 50#



Auxiliary board


Punching pin

Carbide ,ASP-60,ASP-23,

Incision Edge

Carbide ,ASP-60,ASP-23,

Mold Insert

Tungsten Steel

Place Of Origin

Guangdong China (Mainland)


High Precision and Durable.

CNC Machinging

Broaching; Drilling; Etching/ Chemical Machining; Laser Machining; Milling; Other Machining Services; Turing; Wire EDM; Rapid Prototype.

Making Process

Stamping, Laser cutting, CNC Bending, Welding, Assembling, etc.

Micro Machining




  • The use of tungsten steel with good processing performance, strong hardness and good wear resistance;

  • We have many years of experience in the manufacture of stamping dies with excellent processing technology;

  • Combining computer technology, mechanical design and manufacturing technology, the new technology of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is adopted.

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