Bare Shaft Pump Lamination Stamping Die

Bare shaft pump lamination stamping die Since its foundation,Kuroda-chaoyang precision mould stamping die co.,ltd . has produced a wide range of tooling, specializing in those for motor cores die and electrical stamping die etc . Electric motor cores (rotors and stators), automobile components,...

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Product Details

Bare shaft pump lamination stamping die
This stamping die uses tungsten steel inserts and punches to make stator chips through high-speed punching. The one-time self-rive forming process makes the product complete. Our product parameters are highly accurate and have small errors. The surface treatment of the terminals can be acid-washed, galvanized, nickel-plated, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, paint, polishing, brushing, etc. according to customer requirements. The terminal covered wire part can be modified according to customer requirements to adapt to different thickness of wire.

This mold has a high degree of automation, simple operation, and high production efficiency, and is suitable for mass production. You can send us your sketches, our engineers will calculate the data and make as much as possible according to the actual situation.


Basic Information:


Bare shaft pump lamination stamping die


Progressive lamination die

Product Material 

Silicon steel


Tungsten Blade steel,Die block: P20, Panel:SKD11, Standard-part: MISUMI

Production process

Design, Material preparation, CNC, Wire cutting, Grinding, Heat treating, Quality testing, Mould assembly, Transportation


Bare shaft pump



Mould Tolerance

0.001-0.003 mm

Life Time

150million strokes

Design Software

AutoCAD, PRO/E, Solid works, UG(NX), Cimatron, MasterCAM

Surface Treatment

Powder coating, Hot galvanized, Painting, Polishing, Brushing ,
Chrome/Zinc/Nickel plating


OEM / ODM service


Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine,Precision flat milling, Saw machine, Punching machine

Testing Machine

100% Inspection, CMM, Projector, Microscope


Mould Production Process:

Customer requirement - Contract - Designing - Drawing output - Production arrangements - Material preparation - Inspection - Working procedure process - Inspection - Mould assembly - Self inspection - Sample testing - Sample confirmation - Mould approval - Trial - Transportation - After-sale service


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