Shaded Pole Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Shaded pole motor lamination stamping die Compound blanking operation is that of carrying out forming outer shape and hole punching simultaneously. This operation is called "compound processing". Furthermore, this type of work is also called "combined processing."The forming...

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Product Details

Shaded pole motor lamination stamping die

Our stamping die has a reasonable structure, which can provide a technical guarantee to stabilize product quality and reduce stamping cost. Our mold design uses CAD/CAM technology to improve the mold design and manufacture efficiency and shorten the production cycle. Our layout method uses multiple rows of waste.

In the process of stamping, the die bears the impact load and works continuously, which causes the die to be subjected to strong pressure and intense friction. Therefore, the selection of die materials not only concerns the service life of the die, but also directly affects the manufacturing cost of the die. We use high strength and hardness, good impact resistance. If you have specified materials, we can also manufacture according to your requirements.

Product  Details


Shaded pole motor lamination stamping die

Mould life :

150-200 million strokes


200-400 strokes/min

Concentricity :


Process Type:

Heat treatment ,CNC machining, Wire cutting ,JG grinding ,surface grinding ,assemble etc.


Carbide ,ASP-60,ASP-23,SKH-9.DC-53


+-0.01~+-0.1mm as per requirement


CNC Machining Center, wire cut MachiningCenter ,surfacegrindingMachining Center,JG grinding Machining Center ,assemble department ,
quantity control Center ect.


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports, other customer required certificates are available to provide.

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●28 years manufacturing experiences makes us professional;

●Japan Kuroda technology makes our products reliable;

●ISO9001 quality ensures our products' safety;

●We have various advanced equipments to produce our machines. 

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