Mini Motor Lamination Stamping Die

mini motor lamination stamping die We are specializing in design and manufacturing of high precision mini motor lamination stamping die and so on. which are widely used in motor ,fan ,pumps, home appliance ect. Our abilities including milling, grinding, precision electric discharge, PG with...

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Product Details

mini motor lamination stamping die 

We use progressive silicon steel sheet blanking die with high wear resistance, compression yield point, and high toughness to improve the life of the blanking die. The stamping die can use force to separate or plastically deform the metal material to be processed into a micro-motor part or semi-finished product.
We can professionally design and manufacture high precision micro motor lamination stamping dies. These stamping dies can be widely used in motors, fans, pumps, home appliances and other industries. Our capabilities include milling, grinding, precision discharge, PG and mirror, EDM machining, high speed stamping and more.


Product details 

Product Name: mini motor lamination stamping die 

Place of origin: Dongguan city ,china.
Brand name: Kuroda-chaoyang motor core die
Mould type: progressive die  
Mould life :150-200 million strokes  
Mould speed: 250-400 spm
Certifacation: ISO9001:2008
Tolerance: 0.005-0.02mm
Feature: OEM /customized
Technology: Kuroda designing
Provide samples for approve: Yes
Packing : wooden case

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