Induction Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Induction motor lamination stamping die Quick Details Mould Name: Induction motor lamination stamping die Type: progressive lamination die Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Mould life:150-200 million Mould speed :200-350 strokes/min Maintain: 2.5-3 million grinding one time, every...

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Product Details

Induction motor lamination stamping die

Our factory specializes in stamping automatic die, progressive die, rotor stator automatic lamination die. The number of laminations is controlled by the numerical control cabinet to control the cylinder operation and obtain the required thickness of the product. This product is targeted at metal. It has good fracture resistance, oxidation resistance and deformation resistance.

Every year we make 500 sets lamination dies to all the world. We imported advance equipments from Japan and other country, we can ensure our product tolerance within 0.02-0.05mm.


Quick Details 
Mould  Name: Induction motor lamination stamping die 
Type: progressive  lamination die 
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 
Mould  life:150-200 million 
Mould  speed :200-350 strokes/min 
Maintain: 2.5-3 million grinding one time, every time grinds 0.1mm. 
Sheet material: silicon steel , cold sheet metal 


1. High efficiency and fast compared with manual stamping, which is relatively fast. A worker can see three presses;

2. The products that are automatically laminated through the mold are tidy and beautiful compared with manual lamination;

3. The product cross row in the material strip saves large material waste and does not have the scrap rate of manual stamping or repeated stamping;

4. The raw materials only need to be processed once, which saves 300% manpower compared with the previous cutting materials -- blanking (blanking and rising point) -- manual finishing and lamination.


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