Capacity Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Capacity motor lamination stamping die Capacity motor lamination stamping die are widely used in Capacity motors ,air conditioning compress, ballast ect Product details:

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Product Details


Capacity motor lamination stamping die are widely used in Capacity motors ,air conditioning compress, ballast ect. 

We use parametric design techniques in CAD to design part and assembly drawings of the entire mold through a series of dimensions. This can improve design efficiency and design quality, and shorten the cycle of production technology preparation. After that, the workpiece is heat-treated by wire cutting and other processing techniques, and punched by a punching machine to form a stamping die.

Our punch and die materials are silicon steel. The machining method is precision butt wire processing, using a precision coordinate grinding machine. The machine produced is highly accurate and the performance of the mold is good.

Product details


Capacity motor lamination stamping die 


Progressive stamping die, compound die, single die


Silicon Steel

Workpiece Material

Tungsten Blade steel,Die block: P20, Panel:SKD11,Standard-part: MISUMI


Design, Material preparation, CNC, Wire cutting, Grinding, Heat treating,Quality testing, Mould assembly, Transportation



Mould Tolerance

0.001-0.003 mm

Die life Time

150 million strokes

Design Software

AutoCAD, PRO/E, Solid works, UG(NX), Cimatron, Master CAM

Surface Treatment

Powder coating, Hot galvanized, Painting, Polishing, Brushing, Chrome/Zinc/Nickel plating


Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine, Precision flat milling, Saw machine, Punching machine

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