Brushless Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Brushless motor lamination stamping die Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include brushless motor lamination stamping die Product details: It is not going to generate the arcs, sparks or dangerous temperature under normal operating conditions the motor structure, and then take some...

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Product Details

Brushless motor lamination stamping die

The main processing equipment for this high-speed stamping die is the slow wire-cutting machine. Since the slow wire cutting machine adopts the one-way continuous operation of the wire to complete the machining process, even if the wire is worn out, it can be continuously compensated to ensure the high precision and continuous slow wire cutting machine for processing. This stamping die allows the silicon steel sheet to be stamped directly from the machine.

Under normal operating conditions, the motor structure does not create arcing, sparking or dangerous temperatures. And it takes some mechanical, electrical and thermal protection measures to further avoid arcing, sparking or high temperature hazards under normal overload conditions. This ensures its security.

Product details

Product name: Brushless motor lamination stamping die

Mould type: 5 rows mould 

The way of guide material: Side guide plates, guide floating pin  

Rotor skew angle: Machinery arm, stepper motor, servo motor 
Mould speed: 300-400 strokes/min   
Inserts Material: tungsten steel (Japan, Taiwan, Mainland) 
Protection equipment: Misfeeding and Limited post

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