Industrial Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Industrial Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Motor lamination progressive stamping die motor core lamination progressive stamping die, it is a motor core lamination cabide progressive stamping die with integration of machinery and features an accuracy of 2um,a step accuracy of 3um,matrix insert segment accuracy of 1um,dual rotation accuracy+-1,surface roughness Ra0.1-0.4um.and die sets parallelism of 0.01mm/1000mm. the motor die can be used on the high-speed stamping machine at a speed of 300-500 spm,and it is completed with a unmber of functions such as automatic punching,interlocking,skewing slot,dividing into groups and rotation, some electronic monitor devices are equipped on the die such as air cylinder, solenoid valve and detector of misfeeding and double thickness. The success rate of once trial test run of the progressive die is 80% with 300-500 spn.averaged grinding frequency of 150 million.

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Electrical Stampings & Stator Packs stamping dies supplier , kuroda-chaoyang group limited was estimiated in 1990, for 28 years development , we have become the biggest motor lamination stamping die company in guangdong province , we investment 10 million usd , and we have about 150 sets adanced equipment .

We manufacturer electrical Stamping for the following end products :

Fans lamination stamping dies

Motors lamination stamping dies

Pumps lamination stamping dies

Alternator lamination stamping dies

Windmill Generators lamination stamping dies

Hydro Generators lamination stamping die

Induction Motors stator rotor lamination stamping dies

Traction Motors core lamination stamping dies

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