Washing Machine Lamination Stamping Die

Washing machine lamination stamping die We manufacture progressive dies for laminations from φ2.55mm to φ700mm. The maximum die that we have made is forφ600mm stator and rotor lamination. Meanwhile, we are capable of functions like interlocking,skewing, shoulder holes for laminations fromφ12mm...

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Product Details

Washing machine lamination stamping die

This progressive stamping die can overlap a plurality of cavities in a mold clamping direction in a pair of molds. This high speed stamping die has high efficiency and high throughput. Its service life is not less than 100 million stampings. It can be processed into a part that meets the requirements of the product or a semi-finished part by various processes such as stamping, forming and forging.

Due to its high degree of automation, precision parts can be manufactured. It maximizes material utilization.

We use software PRO-E, CAD-CMA,CIMA-TRON,LK/DMS5.5 for design, production and testing to ensure our products are rated as world class quality. If you are interested in our stamping dies, please contact us.


Product Detail:


Washing machine lamination stamping die




Tungsten Blade steel,Die block: P20, Panel:SKD11,  Standard-part: MISUMI


According to the auto parts designing



Mould Tolerance

0.001-0.003 mm

Die life Time

150-200 million strokes

Design Software

AutoCAD, PRO/E, Solid works, UG(NX), Cimatron, MasterCAM

Surface Treatment

Hot galvanized, Painting, Polishing, Brushing ,Chrome/Zinc/Nickel plating, etc

Machinery Equipments

Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine,Precision flat milling, Punching machine, etc



  • The process plan can meet the quality requirements of stamping parts;

  • Low requirements for workers' technical grades to ensure convenient and safe production of stamping operations;

  • High production efficiency, suitable for mass production. 

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