Rotation Progressive Die

Rotation progressive die If lamination with slightly different thicknesses are stacked, the shape of the lamina will differ from the design.To minimize differences caused by the thickness of each lamination, the stamping die stamps out the material while rotating at intervals and then, by...

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Rotation progressive die 

This is a workpiece rotary stamping die. The machine solves the processing problem of the tubular member by rotating the tubular member, thereby making the whole processing smoother, improving the work efficiency and saving a large amount of cost. The product produced by this mold has a smooth surface and no burr, and the edge thickness is uniform.

This kind of rotation technology avoids the use of "secondary forming" by improving the product design, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing cost and shortening the cycle, and also adapting to the "light, thin, short, small" development trend of the connector terminals. 


Basic Information:

Mould  type: Rotation Progressive Die 
Motor :Servo motor from Japan 
Controller:Taiwan controller 
Technology: auto stack 
Mould life : 150-200 million strokes 
Speed :200-300 strokes/min 
Concentricity :0.02-0.05mm 
Sheet material: silicon steel,cold coil sheet 
Efficiency: utilization rate is more than 60% 


It can process multiple processes in one mold;

Its operation is simple and safe;

This machine can reduce punching, site area, and reduce the transportation and warehouse occupation of semi-finished products.

Different rotations lamination:


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