Mixer Lamination Stamping Die

Mixer lamination stamping die Product Description What we can do? We are specializing in design and manufacturing of high precision lamination stamping die, such as the motor rotor and stator core lamination die. which are widely used in electronics, instruments, auto parts, industrial,...

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Product Details

Mixer lamination stamping die

This stamping die can be combined in lamination. The workpiece only contacts the mandrel on the die body during the whole stamping process. The mandrel rotates along the movement direction of the plate, which makes the workpiece change from the traditional static friction to the rolling friction after contact with the lower mold body. As a result, the indentation and abrasion on the surface of the workpiece were eliminated and the appearance quality and precision of the workpiece were improved effectively.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of high precision sheeting dies, such as motor rotors and stator core sheeting dies. The finished products can be widely used in electronics, instrumentation, auto parts, industrial, home and other industries. 

Basic Information:


Mixer lamination stamping die


Progressive stamping die , compound die, single die,progressive die




Tungsten Blade steel,Die block: P20, Panel:SKD11,Standard-part: MISUMI


According to the auto parts designing


Workpiece Precision


Mould Tolerance

0.001-0.003 mm

Die life Time

150 million strokes

Design Software

AutoCAD, PRO/E, Solid works, UG(NX), Cimatron, MasterCAM

Surface Treatment

Powder coating, Hot galvanized, Painting, Polishing, Brushing ,Chrome/Zinc/Nickel plating


Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine,Precision flat milling, Saw machine, Punching machine

Advantages on our molds

1. The mold has a service life of more than 150 million times. It is necessary to mold the base and maintain a strike speed of over 260 per minute at 3 million frequencies;

2. The blade is made of tungsten steel and adopts a cast insert structure, and the rotor is automatically accumulated when rotating;

3. We have high-tech workshops and first-class precision stamping die technology and many excellent technicians. The quality is guaranteed.


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