Electrical Lamination Stamping Die

Home appliance Lamination stamping die Home appliance lamination progressive stamping die, it is a motor core lamination cabide progressive stamping die with integration of machinery and electricity. It features an accuracy of 2um,a step accuracy of 3um,matrix insert segment accuracy of 1um,dual...

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Home appliance Lamination stamping die


The home appliance laminate progressive die is a mechatronic motor core laminated cable progressive die. It has 2um accuracy, 3um step precision, 1um matrix insertion segment precision, and double rotation precision + -1. Automotive molds can be used for high speed punches at speeds of 300 - 500 spm and are completed with some features such as automatic punching, interlocking, tilting and more. Some electronic monitoring equipment is equipped with double faults and thicknesses such as cylinders, solenoid valves and detectors.

The success rate of a trial test was 80%, 300-500 spn. The average grinding frequency is 150 million. This kind of mold can finish two or more stamping processes successively on different work stations, and finally form the blank or parts of household appliances.

Basic Information:                

Mould  type: Home appliance lamination stamping die


Technology: auto stack auto skew

Mould life : 150-200 million strokes

Speed :200-350 strokes/min

Punch machine Tonnage :Base on your products size (80T-500T)

Concentricity :0.02-0.05mm

Sheet material: silicon steel,cold coil sheet

Efficiency: utilization rate is more than 60% 

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