Automotive Lamination Die

Automotive lamination die A series of technological innovations have made Kuroda-chaoyang a leader in the stamping die industry. Manufacturers worldwide use our dies to stamp rotors and stators for for automotive motor lamination. The automotive motor lamination dies that Kuroda-chaoyang makes...

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Product Details

Automotive lamination die

The production of high-volume industrial parts using laminated molds can effectively reduce production costs. This type of mold is designed to design the cavity at two parting surfaces, one at a time. This makes fuller use of the machine's clamping force. Compared with conventional molds, it is only 15% larger than conventional molds, while its output is increased by 80%.

It plays a great role in motor brackets, motor covers, motor metal parts, motor brush sets, motor washers, etc. The automotive motor lamination dies we make have allowed for major advances in the motor core industry and have contributed greatly to reducing the cost of motor cores. 

Basic Information:

Product Name: Automotive Lamination Die

Mould speed: 300-400 strokes/min 

Female die structure : insert 
Die holder material :50# steel 
Mould plates material :SKD11 Cr12Mov 
Mould life :150-200 million strokes 
Output stator rotor way:Transfer belt or tube 
Punches Material; Carbide (Janpa ,Taiwan ,China) 
Inserts Material:  Carbide (Janpa ,Taiwan ,China) 
Protection equipment: Miss feeding protection equipment 

Mould type: One row,two rows or more ,we can make 5 rows mould. 

Edge waste:

  1. The first way has 1-2mm edge waste for each side; 
    2.The another way has no edge waste, but the product precision are not so good with the first way.
    The way of guide material: Side guide plates ,guide floating pin
    Rotor skew angle: Machinery arm, steeper motor, servo motor

automotive lamination421_副本.jpg

automotive lamination496_副本.jpg

automotive lamination1169_副本.jpg 


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