Floor Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Floor Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

stator rotor stamping dies mould life :from 30 million strokes to 300 millions strokes moudl speed: 150-1000 strokes/min mould material:d2,dc53.skh-9,asp23,asp60.carbide mould plate : d2 and dc53 mould function: auto skew , auto stacking , auto rotation

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Electrical Stampings & Stator Packs stamping dies supplier , kuroda-chaoyang group limited was estimiated in 1990, for 28 years development , we have become the biggest motor lamination stamping die company in guangdong province , we investment 10 million usd , and we have about 150 sets adanced equipment,In this challenging world, we never forget our organizational values and will to be positioned as a market leader. Based on futuristic approach, we have left no stone unturned for betterment of raw material selection process and vendor selection. Continuous help of our sales & management professionals is very helpful in expanding our business in different corners of India.

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