Radiator Fan Motor Stamping Die

Fan stamping die 1.Product profile Location : Dongguan city , guangdong province , China(mainland) Name:Dongguan kuroda-chaoyang precision mould Co.,Ltd Customized/oem : yes Product item : Fan stamping die 2 .product details material : the material is diverse , such as silicon steel , stainless...

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Product Details

Radiator Fan Motor Stamping Die

We use high-speed die and introduce imported tungsten steel (hard alloy) blades to produce continuous multi-station automatic molds. The stator can be self-splicing and self-staking, the rotor can be straight grooved, and the chute can be self-retracted. This cold work die steel can be used for blanking and other processes.

It is fast and durable with a life of 150 million cycles. The highly automated nature allows it to dramatically increase production performance. It can be used on fan motor parts.  To improve the strength of the stamping die, the final step of the stamping die needs to finish the surface of the die. You can choose CNC to process to ensure the accuracy of the product.

Product details 

material : the material is diverse , such as silicon steel, stainless steel, iron, or other metal.
process type : Stamping / punching , automatic stacks
tolerance : 0.05mm
life time : 150-200 million stocks
surface finish/treatment :electroplating, Powder coating, Conversion, Passivation , Anodize, Alodine, Electrophoresis, etc.

Customized/oem : yes 
Product item : Fan stamping die 

Product Name

Radiator Fan Motor Stamping Die


Blade: Tungsten steel  Die block:P20  Panel:SKD11 Standard part:MISUMI


2D: Auto CAD  3D:UG CAE analysis

Stamping speed

200-350 strokes/minute

Die life time

150 million strokes


0.001-0.003 mm


OEM / ODM service


fan motor parts


Stretch wrap; Wooden boxes


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