Fan Lamination Progressive Die

Fan lamination progressive die Company produces the motor iron core progressive die of features:Pieces, automatic riveting stack, twisting the trough, steps, coiling, g, etc.Company produces moulds can fully guarantee the requirement of high precision, long life, create more value for...

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Fan lamination progressive die

The hierarchical progressive die consists of a plurality of stations, each of which is associated with different processes in sequence, completing a series of different stamping operations in one stroke of the press. It can be used for punching, blanking, bending, trimming, drawing and so on. The shape of this product is fan shaped. It is simple, safe, and highly automated, making it suitable for mass production of parts.

Our company is able to track the advanced level of mold manufacturing at home and abroad in a timely manner, and improve the company's mold manufacturing level with advanced production technology, and scientific management methods. The molds produced by the company can fully guarantee the requirements of high precision and long life, creating more value for customers and achieving higher returns. If you are interested in our products, please contact us in time.

 Product profile

Part thickness


Product Name

Fan lamination progressive die

Part material

Silicon steel


B35A300,B50A470,M530-65A,B50A600,B50A800 .M270-50A,M53065A,M800-50A,50CS1300, 50CS800, 50CS600, 50CS470, 35CS550steel,copper,aluminum

Die type

Interlocked Progressive die, Autoriveting progressive tool, stamping die, compound die, ect.


Single / Multi per request


loose sheets,or Auto interlocked Stacking

Die material

Carbide ,Asp-60,Asp-23 ect

Die use

Fan motor,

Machinery Equipment

Milling, Grinding, Boring, CNC, EDM, WEDM, Forming Machine, Precision flat milling, Saw machine, Punching machine,

Die precision

High precision machining, minimum 0.003mm

Trial out press


First trial sample

5-100 sets free as your requirment

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