Air Condition Lamination Stamping Die

Air condition lamination stamping die Product Description Company Our company located in Dongguan city,ChangAn town. We plant covers an area of 6000 square meter with 5000 square meter office space Equipment We have Agma cnc machine 2 sets , taiwan yawei cnc machine 3 sets , China cnc machine 3...

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Product Details

Air condition lamination stamping die

The blades of our molds are made of tungsten steel with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be punched multiple times with a low degree of wear and no cracking during use.

This product is used to manufacture sheets and parts on air conditioner motors. Of course, you can also pass us your design sketch, we can customize the mold according to it. Our assistive technologies include CAD and CAE, which enable engineers to design and optimize products, mold structures, forming processes, CNC machining and costs with the help of computers, and it can significantly reduce mold design and manufacturing cycles and reduce production costs. ,improve product quality.

Product Description

Product Name

Air condition lamination stamping die


Blade: Tungsten steel   Die block:P20  Panel:DC-53 SKD11 Standard part: MISUMI


2D: Auto CAD 3D:UG CAE analysis

Stamping speed

150-350 strokes/minute

Die life time

150-200 million strokes


0.001-0.003 mm


OEM / ODM service


Air condiontor motor; 


Wooden boxes


Installation Steps: 

1. According to the closing height of the stamping die, adjust the height of the slider of the press so that the distance between the bottom surface and the working surface is greater than the closing height of the stamping die when the slider is not stopped.

2. Raise the slider to the top dead center, place the stamping die on the orientation of the press table, and then stop the slider to stop, then adjust the height of the slider to make the bottom plane and the flat touch on the die holder. The die with the die shank should be such that the die shank enters the die shank hole and the die shank is held by the clamps and screws on the slider. For large dies without a mold shank, the upper mold base is generally fastened to the press slide with screws or the like, and the open end of the lower mold base is fixed on the press table (without tightening the screws).

3. Then adjust the press slide to 3-5mm, start the press, narrow the stroke 1-2 times, stop the slider and stop, and fix the lower mold base.

4. Perform a test and gradually adjust the slider to the desired height. If the ejector pin is used as above, the discharge bolt on the press should be adjusted to the required height.

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