Electrical Stamping Dies

Electrical Stamping Dies

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motor lamination stamping dies, electrical lamination stamping dies , stator rotor lamination stamping dies , motor lamination core dies

A better, smarter solution for every machining step,Making a stamping die requires considerable metal working skills – straightforward machining as well as advanced cutting in precision stamping dies, progressive dies and transfer dies,deep-drawing dies. kuroda-chaoyang group limited  industry can offer you the products and application knowledge to increase your profitability in stamping die and equipment.

How kuroda-chaoyang industry Works for You

One of the ways we maintain our competitive edge is by staying on top of market trends and looking for ways to innovate. This permits us to provide opportunities that allow our customers to bring new technology to market in record time with minimal pain. Our experience in ensuring the manufacturability of a design reduces our customers’ risk, time, and expense. We can get your part to market quickly by working alongside you when you need a completely custom interconnect, and by offering pre-designed options where appropriate.  Our pre-designed options have the potential to save one week or more in building a die and can reduce total design time by 30%.

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lamination interlocking stamping dies

lamination skewing stamping dies

lamination shoulder hole stamping dies

180 degree rotation for lamination stamping dies

straight-type lamination stamping dies

segment-type lamination stamping dies

revolving slot progressive tool stamping dies

180 ° revolve tooling stamping dies

Motor stator rotor stamping dies

Motor lamination stacking stamping dies

Motor stator rotor core stamping dies

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