Electrical Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Electrical Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

stator rotor stamping dies mould life :from 30 million strokes to 300 millions strokes moudl speed: 150-1000 strokes/min mould material:d2,dc53.skh-9,asp23,asp60.carbide mould plate : d2 and dc53 mould function: auto skew , auto stacking , auto rotation

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Electrical Stampings & Stator Packs stamping dies supplier , kuroda-chaoyang group limited was estimiated in 1990, for 28 years development , we have become the biggest motor lamination stamping die company in guangdong province , we investment 10 million usd , and we have about 150 sets adanced equipment ,We manufacture a full range of high precision and close tolerance electrical laminations stamping die  and based either on customer specific sizes or internationally recognised standard frame sizes. Currently our products are being used in Induction Motors stamping dies, Air-Compressors lamination stamping dies , FHP Motors core stamping dies, Submersible Pumps lamination stamping dies, Ceiling Fans stator rotor stamping die , Table Fans motor stator rotor stamping die, Computer Fans stamping mould, Coolers motor core stamping dies , Drives lamination stamping dies , Mixer-Grinders lamination stamping dies , Washing-Machines lamination stamping dies , Dryers, Transformers lamination stamping dies , Alternators lamination stamping dies , etc.

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