Air Condition Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Air Condition Fan Stator Rotor Stamping Dies

Motor lamination progressive stamping die motor core lamination progressive stamping die, it is a motor core lamination cabide progressive stamping die with integration of machinery and features an accuracy of 2um,a step accuracy of 3um,matrix insert segment accuracy of 1um,dual rotation accuracy+-1,surface roughness Ra0.1-0.4um.and die sets parallelism of 0.01mm/1000mm. the motor die can be used on the high-speed stamping machine at a speed of 300-500 spm,and it is completed with a unmber of functions such as automatic punching,interlocking,skewing slot,dividing into groups and rotation, some electronic monitor devices are equipped on the die such as air cylinder, solenoid valve and detector of misfeeding and double thickness. The success rate of once trial test run of the progressive die is 80% with 300-500 spn.averaged grinding frequency of 150 million.

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Since its foundation, kuroda-chaoyang electrical stmping die co.,ltd . has produced a wide range of motor lamination tooling, specializing in those for motor cores  die and electrical part die etc . Electric motor cores (rotors and stators), automobile components, coins, IC leadframes, resin injection molding and so on: kuroda-chaoyang 's stamped products and precision tooling are used all over the world.Precision tooling for motor core is cost efficient as well as helps environment by conserving energy and natural resources.

Our mission is to provide products useful to people all over the world.

In fact you will find shymould motors lamination tools  in various products such as air conditioningsystems compressor, hybrid vehicle drive motors.We also newly built a precision tooling factory as an effort for improving product quality under clean, controlled environment.

Die press working product exampleImproving productivity replacing machining labor with stamping tools By automatically stamping, stacking, and laminating shapes cut from sheep metal, complicated solid and composite forms can be made using high volume tooling to replace standard machining. The improvement not only dramatically decreases production time but also improves dimensional precision.shymould supplies not only the precision tooling but also Stamping Services. Complete stamped products are sent to customers ready-to-use.Please do not hesitate to ask, “Is it possible to manufacture this product by stamping?”By changing the manufacturing method from machining to stamping, productivity can be improved by far than that of conventional.


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