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Motor working principle
- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Electromagnetic switch structure features

The electromagnetic switch is mainly composed of an electromagnet mechanism and a motor switch. The electromagnet mechanism is composed of a fixed iron core, a movable iron core, a suction coil, and a holding coil. The fixed iron core is fixed and the movable iron core can be moved axially in the copper sleeve. A push rod is fixed to the front end of the movable iron core, and a switch touch panel is installed at the front end of the push rod, and the rear part of the movable iron core is connected with the shift fork by an adjusting screw and a connecting pin. A return spring is mounted on the outside of the copper sleeve to reset the movable member such as the movable iron core. The arrangement position of the terminals of the electromagnetic switch wiring is as shown

2. The working principle of electromagnetic switch

When the magnetic flux directions generated by energizing the attracting coil and the holding coil are the same, the electromagnetic attraction forces are superimposed on each other, and the moving iron core can be attracted to move forward until the touch panel at the front end of the push rod turns the electric switch contact to close the potential motor main circuit. .

When the magnetic flux generated by the energizing coil and the holding coil is opposite in direction, the electromagnetic attraction cancels each other, and under the action of the return spring, the movable member such as the movable iron is automatically reset, the contact pad is disconnected from the contact, and the main circuit of the motor is disconnected. .