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Modern stamping technology for core parts of stator rotor of motor
- Jan 27, 2019 -

With the continuous development of motor manufacturing process, modern stamping technology is introduced into the manufacturing process of motor core. Now it is more and more accepted by motor manufacturers, and the manufacturing method of motor core is more and more advanced.In foreign countries, the general advanced manufacturing motor manufacturers, are using modern stamping technology to develop iron core parts.In China, with the modern stamping technology to make iron core parts processing method is further developed, and this high-tech manufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature, in the motor manufacturing industry, this manufacturing motor technology advantage has been many manufacturers of motor attention.Compared with the ordinary mould and equipment, the modern stamping technology is suitable for the mass production of iron core parts.Because the multi-station progressive die is a set of many processing technology on a die, reduce the motor manufacturing process, improve the manufacturing efficiency of the motor.

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