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Lamination production process
- Sep 11, 2018 -

After the different raw material chips are cut according to the specified size, different numbers of web stacks are combined according to the thickness of the sheet, and the stacked slabs are assembled into a pressing unit in the order of the process. The press unit is pushed into a laminator for press molding. Its temperature control can be divided into 5 stages:

(a) Preheating stage: the temperature is from room temperature to the surface layer curing reaction starting temperature, while the core resin is heated, and some volatiles are discharged, and the applied pressure is 1/3 to 1/2 of the total pressure.

(b) Insulation stage: The surface layer resin is cured at a lower reaction rate. The core resin is uniformly melted by heat, and the interfaces of the resin layers begin to fuse with each other.

(c) Heating stage: from the curing start temperature to the highest temperature specified during pressing, the heating rate should not be too fast, otherwise the surface layer curing speed will be too fast, and it will not be well fused with the core resin to cause delamination or cracking of the finished product. .

(d) Constant temperature stage: When the temperature reaches the highest value and remains constant, the role of this stage is to ensure that the surface layer resin is fully cured, the core layer resin is uniformly plasticized, and the fusion bonding between the layers is ensured. Under the action, it becomes a uniform and compact whole, and the finished product performance is optimal.

(e) Cooling stage: when the surface layer resin in the slab is fully cured and fully fused with the core resin, it can be cooled and cooled. The cooling method is to pass the cooling water in the hot plate of the press, or it can be natural. cool down. This stage should be carried out while maintaining the specified pressure and controlling the appropriate cooling rate. When the temperature of the plate drops below the appropriate temperature, the mold release can be released.