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Lamination classification
- Sep 11, 2018 -

High pressure method

1 The processing pressure of the high pressure method is greater than 1.4 MPa. The adhesive used is a phenol resin, a urea resin, an epoxy resin or the like. The production equipment is mainly a multi-layer hydraulic press for impregnating resin solution and drying dipping machine, pressing and aging. The main products are laminates, tubes and rods, and copper clad sheets. Laminates bonded with phenolic resin and epoxy resin are mostly used in the electrical and mechanical industries; laminates bonded with urea-formaldehyde resin are mostly used as decorative materials; and copper-clad laminates are used as electrical printed circuit boards.

low pressure method

2 The processing pressure of the low pressure method is less than 1.4 MPa. Although the product is not as strong as the high pressure method in terms of strength and appearance, it can manufacture large products. The most common method of low pressure method is contact molding. On the mold with pre-coated release agent, the glass cloth or glass mat or other reinforcing material is layered to the required thickness with a layer of resin (such as unsaturated polyester). After the hardening treatment, the product is obtained by trimming. This method can be used to manufacture FRP yachts and containers.

In rubber processing, the laminated compound and fabric can be laminated into tape.