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- Sep 11, 2018 -

A method of combining two or more layers of the same or different materials as a whole by heating or pressurizing with or without an adhesive. Also known as lamination molding. It refers to a molding processing method in which a plurality of layers of the same or different materials are combined under heat and pressure. Commonly used in plastic processing, but also in rubber processing. In plastic processing, for thermoplastics, it is commonly used in the production of artificial leather products or composite films; for thermosetting plastics, it is an important method to manufacture reinforced plastics and products. A reinforcing material impregnated with a thermosetting resin such as paper, woven fabric, glass cloth, special fiber or the like is laminated, and heated and pressurized to obtain various laminates such as a laminate. The laminated compound and fabric can be laminated into a tape during rubber processing. Lamination can be divided into high pressure method (high pressure layer molding) and low pressure method (low pressure laminate molding) according to processing pressure.