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Air motor
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The air motor is the prime mover that uses compressed air as the working medium. It is a power device that uses the expansion of compressed gas to convert pressure energy into mechanical energy.

Although various types of gas motors have different working principles and different working principles, most gas motors have the following characteristics:

1. Can be stepless speed regulation. As long as the opening of the intake or exhaust valve is controlled, that is, the flow rate of the compressed air is controlled, the output power and the rotational speed of the motor can be adjusted. The purpose of adjusting the speed and power can be achieved.

2. It can reverse in the forward direction. Most air motors can change the direction of the motor intake and exhaust by simply operating the valve, which can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the output shaft of the air motor, and can be instantaneously reversed. In the forward and reverse conversion, the impact is small. A major advantage of the gas motor commutation operation is its ability to rise to full speed almost instantaneously. The vane air motor can be raised to full speed in one and a half revolutions; the piston air motor can be raised to full speed in less than one second. Positive and negative reversal can be achieved by using a control valve to change the direction of the intake air. The time to achieve positive and negative reversal is short, the speed is fast, the impact is small, and no load is required.

3. Work safety, free from vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation, etc., suitable for harsh working environment, can work normally under the adverse conditions of flammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, dust and so on.

4. There is overload protection, no failure due to overload. When overloading, the motor only reduces or stops the speed. When the overload is released, it can resume normal operation immediately, and there is no fault such as damage to the machine. It can run continuously for a long time with full load and the temperature rise is small.